BHVR’s Directors

BHVR’s (Former) Directors

Since we dissolved the Canadian non-Profit corporation we no longer have formal directors. Nevertheless our directors, still unpaid. continue to provide us with information and advice.

andypics_1Andy Marshall

Our Chair, of Canadian and British nationality and resident in Alberta, is a retired journalist with a long and distinguished record of involvement in community and not-for-profit organizations, and has served as a town councilor.

nicdavidNic David

The Vice-Chair and Treasurer, of Canadian and British nationality and resident in Alberta, is an emeritus professor of archaeology (PhD Harvard 1966) whose personal knowledge of Nigeria goes back to 1956 and who directed the Mandara Archaeological Project (MAP) in Cameroon and Nigeria from 1984-2008. He is also the webmaster.

judysternerJudy Sterner

Our Secretary, of Canadian and US nationality and resident in Alberta, is an anthropologist (PhD SOAS 1998) and adjunct associate professor of anthropology at the University of Calgary. A founding member of the MAP, she is the author of The Ways of the Mandara Mountains(2003) and co-author of the Sukur website (

Ishanlosen Odiaua is a Nigerian national currently resident in the USA. An architect with a doctorate (PhD Paris I 2012) in the history of art from the Sorbonne, she has lived and worked in northeastern Nigeria. She currently works as a development consultant with several international agencies.

datouangJean-Marie Datouang Djoussou is a Cameroonian and a Canadian permanent resident living in Quebec. A member of the MAP,  he received his doctorate in Ethnology and Patrimony from Université Laval in 2013.

Our directors’ commitment to the cause can be judged by their combined personal contributions to date of over $20,000  to assist Boko Haram victims..