Special Appeals

Boko Haram Victims Relief previously used a special appeal on a crowdfunding sites to attract contributions from donors who do not visit the BHVR website. Our goal was $186,000 and we raised $350. This was one of the reasons for the dissolution of the non-profit corporation in February 2016. What follows is of historical value only.

Our first special appeal was intended to benefit the entire population of Madagali Local Government Area, Adamawa state, Nigeria.  This includes the Sukur UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape, located on the high Sukur plateau.  At at the height of Boko Haram’s 2014 expansion housed was reported as housing up to 20,000 refugees from at least twenty different settlements of at least six different ethnic groups, including besides Sukur driven up from the plains, Margi, Vemngo and Waga.  We chose Madagali LGA for a number of reasons:

  1. because of the ethnic diversity noted above,
  2. because of the UNESCO site, which is likely to attract worldwide attention,
  3. because of our personal knowledge — three of our directors have lived and worked in this region.
  4. because the Kinjir Foundation has several trustworthy contacts in this region,
  5. because we believe that humanitarian aid is best delivered so that it benefits a community larger than a single village, and
  6. because the Nigerian army, assisted by local vigilantes and hunters, drove out Boko Haram in March 2015,  since when there have been a number of minor attacks.